Sunday, August 25, 2019

Civic Humanism and the Sidewalk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Civic Humanism and the Sidewalk - Essay Example However, the two terms when related to â€Å"The Sidewalk† seem to crash in their connotations. Implications concluded in this article comprise the argument of the two terms that draw their basis from human interactions in society. This is evident from the way people behave while on a sidewalk, they seem to collide but are still heading to their destinations (Wiens 120). The author’s study was in the street where he observed the behavior of the people prior to embarking on meticulous analysis (Wiens 120). His observation was that sidewalk promotes and aids pedestrian movement, thus, this being the author’s main argument. He states that pedestrianism esteems highly public space, but not in the manner of aesthetic or enhancing democracy for citizens. Since its main concern is to ensure adequate array of people plus objects, hence, giving the sidewalks the effectiveness it requires. Blomley also states that pedestrianism may work effectively below the political radar and scholastic environment. In addition, pedestrianism is more evident in the urban setting where the streets may be of private owners but its essence still holds. This is despite the case where a political space might be in a park or any other venue far from the street but still in the urban setting (Blomley

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