Saturday, October 19, 2019

Access to Treatment and Quality Care Research Paper

Access to Treatment and Quality Care - Research Paper Example The paper concludes that the problems that individuals are facing on accessing mental health services are persistent problems that have to do with different forms of unstable payment systems. Unlike other illnesses, mental disorders face massive inconsistency and subjective limitation in insurance coverage. The quality of the care that is provided will vary between the insurance providers and knowing the differences and the similarities and the rap preview to the impact in both sectors will help us to determine the strengths and weaknesses. Once we determine the attenuating circumstances in one of these mental health treatment sectors, it will ease the road for professionals to work on it and find a way to bridging the gap. The non-profit public mental health care refers to services operated by government agencies; for example, state and county mental hospitals, and services that financed with various government resources such as Medicaid. The Community Mental Health Services Block Grant a Federal-state program that finance health care services for individuals, who are poor and disabled, and federal health insurance program primarily for older Americans and people who retire early due to disability (Heyman 2001). Mental healthcare coverage is a very controversial topic especially in the United States. Many attempts have been made beginning in the twentieth century to provide a universal healthcare coverage to all those Americans who were not insured but most of them ended up in failure due to the influence of some groups, like doctors, who saw it as a way of curtailing their freedom to practice in the service of their patients. Wynia (2007), states that many of the early efforts to provide discounted healthcare were pressured out of existence by physician groups but the rising cost of healthcare has made it a mandatory issue to be

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