Friday, October 11, 2019

Lg Hr Policies

LG ELECTRONICS LTD {draw:frame} A great working environment will allow you to exercise and develop all of your skills, and you'll be duly rewarded too! LG Electronics creates working environments that enable all its employees to demonstrate their capabilities, focus on their own work, and create value. HR Principles {draw:frame} Creativity and autonomy An individual's creativity is the basis for value creation. LG Electronics respects diversity and autonomy, allowing each of its employees to exercise their creativity to the full. Emphasis on competence Competence is the basis for performance. LG Electronics sees competence as the most important factor in its personnel decisions. Performance-based rewards Rewards based on performance are essential for human motivation. LG Electronics evaluates performance results fairly and rewards them accordingly. Equal opportunities Equal opportunities build trust among people. LG Electronics ensures equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, age, religion, or nationality. Long-term perspective Maintaining a long-term perspective is the foundation for LG's human resources policies. LG's human resources programs are designed with a long-term perspective and implemented with dedication and persistence. {draw:frame} Training Through its education centers worldwide, LG Electronics offers diverse educational programs to its employees according to rank and job to encourage growth and development and mold them into â€Å"the right people† for the company. They do this by equipping them with the professional capabilities that the company needs and enabling them to apply the latest technologies to their work. Rewards LG Electronics offers its employees a competitive, unique rewards system that takes account of their working situations by nation, region, and job. This rewards system motivates employees to perform better by helping them to enhance their quality of life. LG's rewards system consists of fixed salaries and flexible salaries. Fixed salaries are determined every year through a fair evaluation process. Flexible salaries are immediate rewards given to individual employees for their performance and competence.

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