Thursday, November 21, 2019

Faith, Culture, and Spirituality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Faith, Culture, and Spirituality - Essay Example In 203, Emperor Septimius Severus called for the systematic persecution of Christians. Perpetua and Felicity were among the first five Christians to be arrested. During their capture, they were participating in a baptism lesson. Following their arrest, they were imprisoned, subjected to trial and later persecuted. Though Perpetua remained strong in faith throughout the ordeal, her actions brought a lot of pain to those who had close relations with her, notably her infant son and her father. In as much as Perpetua was steadfast in fulfilling the demands of God, she paradoxically went against one of the Ten Commandments, which states that children should honor their parents.2 This essay aims to analyze the pain and suffering that Perpetua and her family went through on account of her faith in the course of her trial and death. Perpetua was born and raised in the noblest manner. She was raised in a loving family. She received education and after attaining the appropriate age, she joined the next phase of life, meaning marriage, where she was blessed with a son. Perpetua had a discussion with her father before becoming a Christian and shortly thereafter, she was baptized. Perpetua and her friends were captured after the baptism process. This imprisonment prevented her from demonstrating ideal motherhood to her son. Perpetua was denied an opportunity to bond with his son soon after she was captured as he lived away from prison.3 The intervention of Perpetua’s father allowed for her to see her son behind prison walls. Soon after her trial, she did not get the chance to live with her son again. This denied the son an opportunity to be breastfed and similarly, prevented the infant from receiving motherly love. Ideally, parents are normally expected to do all they can so that they can bring the best out o f their children. Perpetua’s willingness to remain firm in faith at the expense of her son also contravenes the

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