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Implementation of Health for all Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Implementation of Health for all - Essay Example This makes the staff responsible and accountable. The administration can ensure the retaining of efficient workers by offering them a promising career in health services. The health for all children has taken a new shape with implementation of Hall 4 recommendations. In pre Hall 4 period the implementation was limited to enquiring the families about the child health and submitting the details to the concerned department, which use that data in policy making. But the report of Hall which is termed as Hall 4 concentrates on complete health for all children and extends the scope of health visitors from survey persons to a complete health care activist. The targets of the scheme had increased manifold. The process was not limited to health surveillance and it was extended to screening, diagnosis, timely intervention, extending the needed help and frequent visits to implement the advice. This type of policy was framed keeping in view that the health is the right of every child and by following a holistic approach. The prevention of physical and mental health disorders was also made the part of the health care activities. It stresses on giving support to f amilies to cope up with health needs of their children. Generally the deprived families approach health care when the damage was done. The Hall 4 implementation specially targets this type of parents and families and developed a frame work to contact them, advice them and make them enable to get assistance and the needed help from the agencies implementing health for all children: Hall 4. The implementation's target is to enable every child to start life in healthy condition; both physically and mentally. Previously the deprived children used to be disabled either physically or mentally by the time they come into contact with health services. The Hall 4 implementations include recommendations for this type of deprived families also. They are contacted at regular intervals to monitor their child health and motivate them mentally and for helping economically if needed. (Economical help here is to assist them to get income and making them to spend on the health improvement). Aim of the report The pre Hall 4 implementation of health for all services was limited to health surveillance. The implementation of Hall 4 recommendations is to attain health for all in both letter and spirit. In some PCT s the health care situation and the performance of health visitors are not satisfactory. The analysis of the present situation and the need of any changes in management and organisation should be discussed and evaluated. The intervals between visits of health visitors to the families having children are also a point of content. Till now the babies were checked at 8 months and 18 months age. But now it was being recommended that the babies were to be checked at birth, six weeks, six months, 1 year and 2 years age. But there are some perceptions that the gap between the intervals of visiting may result in disability either physically and mentally for children of deprived families. These different perceptions about the intervals in health visits were to be discussed keeping in view org anisational and managerial issues. In some cases it was felt even by the staff that the gap betw

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