Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Crowdsourcing for Information Systems Frontiers -myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theCrowdsourcing for Information Systems Frontiers. Answer: Crows sourcing defines the way of work, where a large amount of work is divided into the a large number of people. The people do the small part of the work in a minimal cost (Levin, Lechner and Brown 2017). Outsourcing refers to the method where the work is given to the third party of the external contract to be completed in a limited time. Outsourcing also helps to reduce the cost of doing the work. Crowd sourcing can be termed as a type of outsourcing , as in both the cases the workload of the company is outsourced to the third party. Though there are some differences between the crowd sourcing and the outsourcing. In case of crowd sourcing the an open call to every individual person is made in order to do the small portion of the work (Zhao and Zhu 2014). In case of outsourcing the invitation for doing the work is done to the particular company or the organization in form of tender. Steps to ensure the correctness of the project using Crowd sourcing: In order to make the successful compilation of the entire project, the knowledge and the ability of the workers in the cloud should be taken into account. It is the responsibility of the AOL to make sure that the work done by the crowd is correct and is happening in the proper way. The workers should be motivated with the good amount of remuneration for the work. The type of work AOL doing needs to be promoted so that the people get interested to do the work. Factors that influences the idea of crowd sourcing of the part of business: The factors, which are needed to be considered before the crowd sourcing are- Environmental factors: If the platform of development is available internally or externally. Management: This include the budget of the company and the experience of the crowd of doing the particular work Size of the task: If the task is simple in nature but the size of the work is large and it can be time consuming for the company, then that part of the work can be allocated for the crowd source. Advantages and disadvantages of crowd sourcing: The advantages of crowd sourcing are: The vast numbers of workers can add the diversity in the project. The project is done in a minimum cost and the time taken for the compilation of the project is reduced. Disadvantages of crowd sourcing: Sometimes managing the large number of workers become problematic for the companies. Confidentiality of the data can be hampered due to crowd sourcing. References Levin, N., Lechner, A.M. and Brown, G., 2017. An evaluation of crowdsourced information for assessing the visitation and perceived importance of protected areas.Applied geography,79, pp.115-126. Zhao, Y. and Zhu, Q., 2014. Evaluation on crowdsourcing research: Current status and future direction.Information Systems Frontiers,16(3), pp.417-434.

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