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Mis - Case Study - 1818 Words

CASE STUDY 1 – Unraveling the Jargon The consultant’s reply was: â€Å"In my investigation of your applications portfolios, I’ve applied †¦ to the logical data structures and have discovered a very high frequency – approximately 93.286% - of data embedded in application program logic which is largely responsible for the integrity and synchronization problem currently being encountered. As a solution, I would recommend the design of a master database each of which would employ relational technology to reduce the database to third normal form. This would eliminate the possibility of semantic disintegrity upon querying the database.† Questions: a. Try to guess what the consultant said? b. Justify the use of technical jargon. What the†¦show more content†¦c. Explain the probable effects that making the system more formal would have on the customers and the management. Some decisions that should be considered in the area of strategic planning are: A strategic decision that will be made should affect the long-term direction of the company. Decisions in this sector should be about trying to achieve some advantage for the company and avoiding bringing an out of the place decisions that will harm the consistency of the company. The decisions should also consider the scope of a company’s activities wherein the boundaries of the company are shown. A strategic decision should also consider the effect this decision on the employees because they will be the one to do the work. Managerial Control Decisions should be a long range considering the company’s objectives. It should also be the best and applicable choice among the set of alternatives that has been suggested. Most importantly, this decision should involve changes within the company and this change should be an improvement. An Operation Control Decision involves three major considerations based on my opinion. An operational decision should be precise, fast, and cost-effective. First, it should be precise because a successful operational decision uses data quickly and effectively in the right action, looking like a knowledgeable employee with the right reports and analysis. Second, it should be fast. You need to take the best action that the time allows.Show MoreRelatedMis Case Study3353 Words   |  14 PagesMIS Case Studies Case 1 SystemX Inc. Withdraws Rs. 1 Billion SoftGuide Acquisition Offer The following is an excerpt from a news article in the Daily Update, March 07, 2010 â€Å"SystemX Inc., called off its acquisition of SoftGuide Knowledge Consultants, Friday, saying that 1 Billion was too high a price.† (SoftGuide has a considerable market share in Training and Development services and would therefore help SystemX to diversify and expand its range of services to customers.) â€Å"Although SystemX officialsRead MoreMis Case Study1415 Words   |  6 Pagesthe finished product section. BMC have 420 employees, 170000 sq foot industrialized firm, and they prepared with â€Å"feeds, reels, electronic detection systems, welds, drills, taps, and assemble stampings† (Brown 699). Moreover, according to the book of MIS BMC’s assets are growing in last 6 years which means they are going profitable. In the beginning they had an employee lacking because of the high salary with the high skilled employees, and they had 3 people in 1994. Thus, they decided the major workRead MoreMis Case Study5027 Words   |  21 Pageswithin each region, and allow regional managers a certain degree of freedom in choosing how they organized their business within the region. When acquiring new companies, it tries to use the best systems from each company and not always its own. In the case of Memec, it chose to use the Avnet regional Asian system rather than Memec’s own global system because it would lower the costs of training Avnet employees who otherwise would have to learn an entirely new system. Avnet successfully integrated theRead MoreVirtual Meetings Case Study for Mis1609 Words   |  7 PagesVIRTUAL MEETINGS: SMART MANAGEMENT Case in Brief: For many businesses, extensive travel is a fact of life. The expenses incurred by business travel have been steadily rising in recent years, primarily due to increasing energy costs. In an effort to reduce travel expenses, many companies, both large and small, are using videoconferencing and Web conferencing technologies. Videoconferencing figures to have an impact on the business world in other ways, as well. More employees maybe able to work closerRead MoreMis 7-Eleven Case Study4663 Words   |  19 PagesManagement Information Systems BUA5MIS Case Study No. 1 - 7 - Eleven Kimberley McGinnes, Shaun Brooks, Rohan Malhotra Siddhartha Khoba 7 - Eleven Management Information Systems - 7 - Eleven Store Mini Case Overview of 7 - Eleven. 7 - Eleven commenced operation on 11th July 1927 in Dallas Texas and has gone on to be an industry leader for more than 40 years ( Originally the stores operated from 7am to 11pm, a trading span that was unheard of at the time. However mostRead MoreCase Study Zara Analysis Mis3171 Words   |  13 PagesTeam â€Å"AnonyMIS†: Julia Winter, Maximilian Philipp Schmidt, Julius Liebrecht, Djaky Agbadou, Nathalie Garro In-Class Case Study: 1 Introduction: Background Information 1.1 Company overview The firm Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer based in Galicia, northern Spain. In 1975, founder Amancio Ortega opened the first store in La Coruna, Spain. Zara is the flagship chain store of the Inditex group (Industria de Diseno Textil), encompassing many self-designed differentRead MoreMis-760 Citibank Case Study Essay1415 Words   |  6 PagesMIS 760 – IT Strategy Case Study: Citibank’s E-Business Strategy for Global Corporate Banking Please prepare an analysis of this case. Your write-up should be 4 to 7 pages. Each of the following questions should be addressed individually: 1. What are the impacts of the internet on the competitive landscape of corporate banking? (Hint: use Porters 5 forces) The statements below are the impacts of the internet on the competitive landscape of corporate banking: * Intense competition whichRead MoreCase Study : Mi / Acs ( Acute Coronary Syndrome )2418 Words   |  10 PagesCase Study 1 – MI/ACS (Acute coronary syndrome) Ryan Rindlisbacher and Danielle Gossett 1/14/15 Assignment finished below following case information Patient is a 45 yo male; 5’7†, 221 lbs who entered the emergency room at 6:30 am on 9/7/14 with severe chest pain (onset at 6:00 am) radiating to his arm, L arm numbness and nausea and vomiting. Past medical history reported by wife includes peptic ulcer, tobacco use (1-2ppd for 27 years), elevated blood pressure (controlled by lopressor). WifeRead MoreSample Resume : Employment Interview Questions Essay1176 Words   |  5 Pagesconsider myself a team player. For instance, during the current semester, I had to work with a team to complete a case study for a management and organization course. We all had to communicate regularly to work on the case study questions based on a publication by the Harvard Business School. Even though each member of the team was assigned to complete a specific question of the study case, I decided to answer every single question to offer more ideas to the group. At the end of the project, the groupRead MoreVolkswagen : Managing It Priorities Case Study714 Words   |  3 PagesVW: Managing IT priorities Case Study 1. Define acronyms BPTO, DBC, ITSC, PMO, NRG and explain. BPTO, Business Process Technology Organization. This was a department created by Matulovic. They dealt with projects that dealt with â€Å"challenged† projects. Also known as the firefighter department due to the type of projects it received. DBC: Digital Business Council, this council was created to asses the impact the business side of IT projects. The challenge with this council was to align IT related projects

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