Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Example and illustration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Example and illustration - Essay Example â€Å"Korean families will always leave their shoes off inside the home. Slippers are often given in exchange for your shoes at the door. This is even true in the case of more traditional workplaces. So, be sure you are wearing clean socks when you go for a visit† (Facts about Korea) Koreans give more respect to their home and workplace compared to other cultures. Another peculiar aspect of Korean social life is the respect derived by the elders. Korean culture is strongly associated with Confucianism and as per Confucianist traditions; elders must be given proper respect by the younger ones. Seniority is determined by age, position in the family, job position, being a teacher, etc. Elders can speak anything to the young people whereas the young people always keep respect while talking to the elder people. It is a common thing in Korea that, when two strangers meet together they will ask the age of the other in order to take precautions in their communication. While drinking or smoking the younger one often try to do it in the company of others of lesser age. Even the direct eye contacts will be avoided by while communicating with elders by the younger ones. Direct eye contacts consider as the symbol of authority and the younger people never look into the eyes of the elder ones in order to mark their respect. Moreover the younger ones always accept complements, gifts or anything from elder ones with both hands (Korean Customs – Respect) The third speciality in Korean culture is the way in which the Koreans start their talk. As per the western culture, people often ask â€Å"How are you?† when they start their conversation with another one. In Korea, the conversation starts with an enquiry about whether the other person who was in touch has taken food or not. In some other cases, the conversation may start from an enquiry like â€Å"where are you going?† Koreans are very much keen in providing food to the others. To conclude, Koreans exhibit

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