Saturday, September 7, 2019

The guiding aim and abiding concern of Corporate culture Essay

The guiding aim and abiding concern of Corporate culture - Essay Example Corporate culture has an influence on how the members of an organization conduct themselves in almost every aspect of their lives, in respect to their work, to create a good image. It is this behavior which comes to affect how employees interact with their fellow employees, all their clients (whether large or small), and those people who have an interest in the organization (whether they are shareholders or stakeholders). The corporate culture of an organization can also be defined as the values that contribute to the creation of an environment that is conducive both psychologically and socially and enable employees to work effectively without worrying about any conflict related to their work procedure. These values are based on the knowledge that has been gained in the history of the organization from its founding as well as the existing knowledge of the organization, which form the philosophies that hold the organization together. There are certain instances, however, where there m ay be many, different conflicting, cultures within an organization, and this usually occurs especially in the large organizations, because of the different paths that are pursued by the various management teams in achieving the goals that have been set for the organization. Corporate culture is an extremely complex phenomenon within an organization, and it affects those who are employed by it in their work lives in various ways. When one considers corporate culture, one will realize that it may have both positive and negative effects on the individuals involved. It is these effects, among others, which will be discussed in this paper. While, in most cases, it is the management of an organization or corporation which plays a crucial role in the creation of the corporate culture of the organizatio

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