Monday, September 9, 2019

Paper Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Paper Critique - Essay Example Moreover, the movie mixes the Spanish exploitation of gold in the 16th century with the Cochabamba war struggles in 2000 to bring out ideas relating to exploitation and globalization. This abstract aims to explicate the theme of sympathy, good fellowship and loyalty, and not just comparing historical events with the present. The recurrent theme described in this dramatic film is exploitation, hypocrisy and globalization. Costa, a film producer and Sebastian a young director are working together on a film (Columbus’s Arrival to Americas) they are planning to shoot in Bolivia, Cochabamba, but their friendship polarizes when dealing with business and moral integrity. The exploitation of the locals by these film makers portrays them as hypocrites and they face a stern opposition from the indigenous people. It is in Bolivia, the setting of their new movie that a water war breaks out forcing these film makers to make emotional journeys in variant directions (Laverty 220).There is more threat to the crew when Daniel becomes the leader of the indigenous people as they protest against the privatization of water and price increment by 300 per cent. More scenes of struggle against the indigenous people’s historical oppression and colonization are brought to light. The low living standards of the loca ls bring out an emotional sympathy while the conflicts bring into light the dangers of exploitation and oppression. Even the Rain is a dynamic layered film marked by interesting stories and timely themes that are precisely presented. The movie is a moving and a captivating testament for those who fight against unfairness. Even the Rain serves as a movie within a movie and offers a glimpse of mastery presentation and organization to highlight the indented themes or meaning. The filmmakers in the film benefit under the expense of the natives with hypocritical

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